Tripp Lite Cat6 RJ45 Modular Plug for Round Stranded UTP Conductor 4-Pair, 100 Pack

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The N230-100-STR contains 100 unshielded RJ45 modular plugs for round stranded UTP conductor 4-pair Cat6 cable. Recommended for creating your own custom-length Cat6 cable runs, these clear connectors come in a shatterproof plastic jar that's easy to pack in your toolbox and carry to your next installation.

Ideal for data and voice applications, these reliable RJ45 connectors are designed to terminate round Cat6 cable, such as Tripp Lite's N220-Series patch cabling. Their 15-micron gold-plated contacts ensure reliable signal transmission throughout the cable run, and their staggered nose pattern reduces near-end crosstalk. They are compatible with most RJ45 crimping tools (with AMP an exception).


RJ45 Cat6 Connectors for Creating a Custom-Length Cat6 Cable

  • 100 Cat6 RJ45 modular plugs in an easy-to-pack jar
  • Ideal for data and voice applications
  • Designed for terminating Cat6 round stranded UTP conductor 4-pair cable, such as Tripp Lite N220-Series

15µm Gold-Plated Contacts for Premium Data Transfer

  • Reliable signal transmission ensured throughout cable run
  • Reduces near-end crosstalk (NEXT) with staggered nose pattern
  • Works with most RJ45 crimping tools (excluding AMP)

  • Terminate fascicle of network cables with this connector
  • Gold contact plating for optimal signal output

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