TP-Link RE500X Dual Band 802.11ax 1.46 Gbit-s Wireless Range Extender


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Eliminate Dead Zones with Powerful WiFi

AX1500 WiFi 6 Range Extender

Life in the fast lane with advanced WiFi6

WiFi 6 comes with it all: faster speeds, lower latency, and more connections. It also features 25% faster data throughput compared with last-gen WiFi thanks to 1024-QAM. With this speed boost, experience high-speed and stable WiFi throughout your rooms.

4 high-performance amplifiers, we got you covered

Enjoy 4K streaming and gaming in whatever room you're in thanks to RE500X's 4 high-performance amplifiers. Whether you're sharing a pad with friends or living in your forever home, RE500X sends out strong signals to those hard-to-cover areas.

Tri-Core 1.5 GHz CPU

Many full-blown routers only have dual-core and below

Roaming Redefined

Stop searching around for full bars. OneMesh™ is a simple way to form a Mesh network with a single WiFi name for seamless whole home coverage. Just connect RE500X to a OneMesh™ router.

  • Smart Roaming
    Uninterrupted streaming when moving around your home

  • One Wi-Fi Name
    No more switching Wi-Fi network names

  • Easy Creation
    OneMesh™ Router and OneMesh™ Range Extenders pair instantly

  • Unified Management
    Manage the entire network all from the TP-Link Tether app

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