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Tork Matic Soft Hand Towel Roll, White, Advanced, H1, Long-Lasting, High Absorbency, High Capacity, 1-Ply, 6 Rolls x 900 ft - 290095
Matic Advanced Soft Hand Towel Roll is the perfect solution if you want your washroom to be hygienic and stylishly representative of your business quality. Your guests can dry their hands gently yet thoroughly with this super-absorbent, bathroom hand towel. Long-lasting rolls minimize maintenance costs while maximizing service. To meet high-capacity needs, each roll of unperforated, one-ply paper towels provides 1,136 towels for your Tork Matic Dispenser (not included) on the Intuition 8" setting. One-at-a-time dispensing allows reduced consumption and increased hygiene. Roll is ideal for Class-A office buildings and upscale dining facilities and FSC Certified for reduced environmental impact. With Tork Easy Handling, packaging is easy to open and transport.

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