Rubbermaid Commercial Pulse 18" Wet Flat Mop - RUB1863895


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18" Width x 20.80" Length - Gray
Part of the Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series, this 18" Multipurpose Microfiber Pulse Wet Flat Mop is smart and durable to keep up with an intense pace and still lend a professional look. Premium, split nylon/polyester blend microfiber provides optimal damp mopping performance. The dense, 3 to 5 micrometer quality fiber removes more dust, dirt and microbes than conventional cleaning products. Superior germ-removing microfiber is proven to remove 99.9 percent of microbes to provide a safer, cleaner environment for guests and employees. Color-coded tabs help reduce cross-contamination by differentiating areas of use. Advanced hook-and-loop backing of the single-sided mophead holds up use after use as well as under the harsh daily laundering conditions to ensure the pads are securely attached. The bleach-safe mophead lasts through 500 launderings or 200 with bleach. Double-finished edges retain mop shape with use over time.

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