D-Link Covr COVR-X1862 Wi-Fi 6 IEEE 802.11ax Ethernet Wireless Router

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Wi-Fi 6 - Next Generation Wi-Fi

Designed for today's device-dense homes, the Covr AX Wi-Fi 6 solution is perfect for 4K streaming, VR gaming, video calling and keeping all your smart home devices connected.

Smart Roaming

Seamlessly connects your devices to the strongest signal as you move from room to room, eliminating the need for them to disconnect and reconnect.


Small data packets destined for multiple devices are transmitted together and never have to queue up again. Perfect for Smart Homes filled with bandwidth-hungry IoT devices battling for bandwidth.

Smart Steering

Automatically steers your devices to the optimal wireless band, ensuring you're always connected to fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home.

Simple Setup

Covr Points come pre-paired out of the box, just plug them in and get started.

Profile-based Parental Controls

Assign devices to family members' profiles to individually block devices and websites, set schedules for access, and turn off Wi-Fi.

Expandable Network

Covr is a scalable solution. Add extra Covr Points where you need more coverage.

Works with Existing Router

Simply connect Covr to the router or gateway provided by your ISP to add whole home coverage to your network.

  • Create a wireless network and share your Internet connection and files with other devices while checking emails
  • Uses ISM Band to connect your computers, wireless printers, game consoles, and other Wi-Fi devices for a smooth network experience
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for ultra-fast wired network speeds

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