Black Box Power over Ethernet Surge Suppressor


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Accessing a wireless network is becoming as commonplace as drinking a cup of coffee. Wireless access points are being installed in schools, restaurants, airports, offices - almost everywhere!

And just as you would with a wired network, you need to safeguard these wireless networks from unexpected power surges and spikes.

That's why you need Power over Ethernet Surge Protectors. Not only do they protect line-to-line data transmissions, but they also protect against ground-to-line surges.

Models are available for 60-volt and 30-volt power requirements.

  • Attach to wireless access points in schools, restaurants, airports, offices everywhere!
  • Protect data lines for both line-to-line and ground-to-line surges.
  • The simple solutions to protect wireless access points from damaging power transients and surges.

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